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***Please use this app to search for businesses only in the US***

The most comprehensive business finder on the marketplace.

Are you interested in starting a business? Why not search current, established businesses for sale? You can with Business for Sale.

Are you interested in expanding your business? Need additional commercial supplies, such as retail store fixtures or a new commercial dishwasher? You can find cheap business supplies and equipment with Business for sale.

Search across the internet to find the information you need. Search Craigslist, eBay, Oodle, Backpage, Kijiji and more to find established businesses for sale, startup businesses for sale, turnkey businesses for sale, and commercial equipment and supplies for sale.

To Use:

* Search with a keyword phrase (turnkey, dollar store, commercial fixtures, etc.).

* Enter in a zip code OR city and state.

* Key in a price range to only see business listings in your budget.

【免費商業App】Business For Sale-APP點子

* Send your search to see listings from across the internet.

* Sort your list based on location, price, or title.

* Tap a listing to see the full for sale listing online.

* Tap a phone number to auto dial the seller.


* Search all the best classifieds and online marketplaces at once.

* See summary of for sale listing (i.e.) price, picture, short description, and more.

* Sort listings based on price, location, or title.

* Remove commercial listings and business posts for easy comparing, click the red X.

【免費商業App】Business For Sale-APP點子

* Forward a listing onto a friend via email, Facebook, or Twitter via green share icon.

* Add a listing to your favorites, click the yellow star icon.

* Select all or unselect all.

* Share multiple listings via Facebook, email, or Twitter.

* Delete multiple listings at once.

* Use action menu to favorite multiple listings at once.

* Click action menu to view your favorites.

* Click listing to see business ads or commercial listings on original website (i.e Craigslist).

* Auto dialer sellers with one tap!

【免費商業App】Business For Sale-APP點子

* Easily start a new search to try a different keyword or keyword phrase.

If you have any questions, comments, need troubleshooting assistance or if you would like to have this android app customized to fit your personal wants and needs, please contact us directly at

【免費商業App】Business For Sale-APP點子

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