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Business Review India is a leading digital media source of news and content for C-level executives focused on business, lifestyle, marketing 2.0, technology, money matters, market trends and other industry-specific news throughout India. Through its digital magazine, accompanying online website, daily articles, videos, news and weekly e-newsletter, Business Review India is aiming to enhance the digital medium in India and bring it into people’s lives. Through our website and monthly magazine, we help executives stay up-to-date with the most fundamental operational issues in demanding and ever more competitive global business sectors. Insightful & engaging, our news articles and features are true, credible and thought-provoking.

【免費商業App】Business Review India-APP點子

【免費商業App】Business Review India-APP點子

Business Review India is the territory-dedicated arm of the WDM Group. Founded in 2007 by entrepreneur Glen White, WDM Group retains a diversified portfolio of websites and magazines. The group holds a worldwide presence with its global headquarters located in San Diego, California, and additional offices in Boston, Toronto, Mumbai, India and Norwich, England.

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