Butts In Seats

【免費商業App】Butts In Seats-APP點子

Butts in Seats helps eliminate custommers' two biggest annoyances when going to a restaurant:

Inaccurate wait times at the door.

The lack of communications between the restaurant employees.

Download Butts in Seats and your restaurant will run more efficiently.

How does Butt in Seats work?

【免費商業App】Butts In Seats-APP點子

• Butts in Seats gives managers a compact overview of their restaurants including tables layout, the amount of customers at each table, and what task that employees are doing.

• The manager can also register their restaurants into our data bases. And only manager has the privilege to appoint restaurant employees.

• The host has the ability to enter customers’ names as well as their party sizes into a queue. Hosts can also view statuses of tables to give an accurate estimate wait time to customers. Finally, the host can seat a party at a table and change the status of that table to full

• The server can claim any occupied table, do their usual tasks but with an improvement: they can now enter statuses of tables to the app. Tables’ statuses can be set to ‘appetizer', 'main course', ‘desert’ and ‘check given’. These info assist the host to estimate the wait time for customers.

• After the check is given, the table’s is set to ‘dirty’. This signals the busser to clean that table then set its status to ‘clean’. Now that table is ready for the host to seat customers.

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