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- 書籍搜尋:只需輸入關鍵字或直接掃瞄書籍條碼即可輕鬆搜尋圖書資料。

- 書店位置:只需開啟電話全球位置測定系統 (GPS),手機程式即可追蹤您的位置,隨時掌握距離最近的商務門市位置。

【免費書籍App】CP Bookstore-APP點子

- 推廣優惠:緊貼門市最新精選推廣優惠資訊。

- 文化活動:直接透過程式報名參與門市精彩文化活動。

- 書籍推介:為您定期更新推介「最新出版」及「門市每月暢銷榜」,好書一目了然!

- 門市會員:隨時查閱會員積分。

【免費書籍App】CP Bookstore-APP點子

- 社群分享:透過電子郵件隨時隨地分享好書及好康優惠!

Search books and The Commercial Press bookstore locations right from your iPhone,also to get the latest promotion offers and join cultural activities by using the simple interface. Features include -

- Book search:This mobile app allows users to quickly search book information by entering keywords or simply by scanning the ISBN barcode.

- Bookstore locations:With Global Positioning System (GPS) turned on, nearby bookstore branches will be indicated, advising you the nearest store location.

【免費書籍App】CP Bookstore-APP點子

- Promotion offers:The latest promotion offers are shown.

- Cultural activities:Enroll store cultural activities directly by the App.

- Recommended titles:”Selected New Releases” and “Store Bestsellers” in different categories are updated regularly. Take a look before your book purchase journey!

- Store members:Check your membership bonus point on the App!

【免費書籍App】CP Bookstore-APP點子

- Sharing:Share your favorite books and offers by email at any time!

【免費書籍App】CP Bookstore-APP點子

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