The CabSurf passenger application allows registered users to :

1. Search nearby cabs in CabSurf central directory and CabSurf realtime index.


2. Directly call or text providers listed in the directory

3. Directly book drivers that participate in CabSurf realtime service.


4. Track arrival of drivers that have been booked through the realtime service.

5. Evaluates/Review service quality.

CabSurf differs from most taxis application around by not restricting passengers to engage only with drivers having agreement with it. This brings several benefits to our users :


1. We provide coverage for far more locations than any of the apps currently on the market.

2. As we give users direct access to the local cab/taxi market, they are in a good position to obtain the best prices.

The CabSurf directory extensively covers the following countries :


United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Norway, Poland, Finland, Netherlands, Austria, Danemark, Canada, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Portugal. We are working hard to expand this index to other areas of the world.

The CabSurf realtime service is maintained collectively by group of professional drivers around the world who uses our platform to report their availability and review your demands.


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