Display, record, and track calibration check data for Wagner Meters’ Rapid RH 5.0 Smart Sensor (Bluetooth Smart Reader required). Simplifies the process of recording and proving compliance with ASTM F2170 regarding the use of reusable RH sensors. CalMaster displays and stores the following data for each 5.0 sensor:-serial number-name/location-date of most recent calibration block-date for the most recent calibration check, including ambient RH% and temperature-the date each sensor is due for the next manufacturer calibration, as required by ASTM F2170Other functions:-Generate and email a PDF report of the calibration check data.-Display in situ sensor readings for the single-use Rapid RH 4.0 EX and reusable 5.0 Smart Sensors. (Displays ambient RH% and ambient temperature until another reading is taken or the app is closed.)



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