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Ultimate Blacklist is a communication tool for anyone who uses phone calls, sms or mms that helps people be productive and do not be disturb by marketing or unwanted calls, sms or mms. Protect your privacy and block undesired calls, SMS or MMS with Ultimate Blacklist which represent flexible call blocker, SMS, MMS filter! It will save you from unwanted calls, unwanted text messages and marketing numbers.

Ultimate Blacklist allows you to create and manage black list of unwanted contacts and block their calls and sms. You can add numbers to the black list in various ways:

【免費通訊App】Call Blocker PRO-APP點子

- directly enter number,

- choose number from your contacts,

【免費通訊App】Call Blocker PRO-APP點子

- recent calls or messages

Ultimate Blacklist provide various block modes. Its includes:

【免費通訊App】Call Blocker PRO-APP點子

- Block blacklist, except whitelist

- Block only blacklist

【免費通訊App】Call Blocker PRO-APP點子

- Block all phone activity, except whitelist

- Block all phone activity, except number is in contact book

【免費通訊App】Call Blocker PRO-APP點子

- Block all phone activity, except number is in whitelist or contact book.

What is more, Ultimate Blacklist supports non-numerical numbers which are often used in spam SMS or MMS! You can just disable non-numerical numbers and sms and mms would be blocked immediately. The great news are that if you add this number to white list you can still view it.

【免費通訊App】Call Blocker PRO-APP點子

When SMS, MMS or call is blocked you can either get a notification or make Blacklist to work in silent mode. Choose which way is most convenient for you!

Ultimate Blacklist have a backup to save all your settings and logs and protect them from being lost. You can transfer your settings over all your devices easily, or just send it to email and view in any worksheet application such as Microsoft Excel. Also application have a "Silence time" feature, this means you can create time intervals to not disturb you and Ultimate Blacklist would block all phone activity in this time.

【免費通訊App】Call Blocker PRO-APP點子

In case when you would not want to anyone view you history, Ultimate Blacklist have a password protection to protect you privacy.

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