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【免費工具App】Call Blocker & SMS Blocker-APP點子

Want to block or filter Calls and SMS latent from onlooker? CALL BLOCKER & SMS BLOCKER blocks unwanted call and sms. If you want to get rid of unwanted call and sms from particular numbers than use this app. Block list is here to show you the blocked numbers for both calls and SMSs. Block calls for Incoming and Outgoing calls both.

CALL BLOCKER & SMS BLOCKER is easy to use as you have to just add contact for which you want to block or filter calls and sms. You can add contacts to block list from:

1. Fetch contact to block or filter from Contact list.

【免費工具App】Call Blocker & SMS Blocker-APP點子

2. Call log contacts can be add directly to block or filter.

3. SMS log contacts can be added to block.

4. Manually add the contact which you want to block.

CALL BLOCKER & SMS BLOCKER can block or filter numbers for:

【免費工具App】Call Blocker & SMS Blocker-APP點子

1. Incoming Calls

2. Outgoing Calls

3. SMS

【免費工具App】Call Blocker & SMS Blocker-APP點子

Later on when you wish, you can watch the list of blocked contacts if the contact tried to make a call or sms to you.

Avoid by blocking unwanted calls or block the calls and SMSs with CALL BLOCKER & SMS BLOCKER! Download now.

【免費工具App】Call Blocker & SMS Blocker-APP點子

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