Call of Warfare 2

【免費模擬App】Call of Warfare 2-APP點子

Ever dreamed of being in the middle of a modern war fighter dogfight?!!

"FREE TO PLAY NOW!" Tested and Working on all devices from entry level phone to high end tablets.

Make your dream come true and take off with this cool new Call of Warfare 2. This 3D airplane flight game is your chance to put yourself into the F-35 pilot's seat and start your flight. Call of Warfare 2 is a realistic airplane simulator game where you are fighting against Alien enemy warship trying to shoot you down.

Fire your missiles away or change your weapon into machine gun to shoot down enemy jet fighter.

Features of the game

-Shoot down all the enemy jet fighter

-Avoid being missile locked by enemy

-Radar showing enemy all over your screen.

-Endless shooting and fighting to gain the high score!

How to play:

-Control your airplane direction by touching the bottom left of the screen.

-Swipe up to face downwards

-Swipe down to face upwards

-Tilt your plane left or right by swiping left and right

-You can set simple control toggle on/off depending on playstyle.

-Cycle select your weapon systems by clicking on the change weapon button.

-Fire your selected weapon by touching the bottom right of the screen.

-Your armor is recorded at the top right corner of your screen.

Download Call of Warfare 2 now to make your dream come true!

*Screenshots are taken from actual gameplay*

【免費模擬App】Call of Warfare 2-APP點子

【免費模擬App】Call of Warfare 2-APP點子

【免費模擬App】Call of Warfare 2-APP點子

【免費模擬App】Call of Warfare 2-APP點子

【免費模擬App】Call of Warfare 2-APP點子

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