CallWho Smart contacts widget

【免費工具App】CallWho Smart contacts widget-APP點子

CallWho is a context aware contacts widget.

CallWho is displaying contacts by its relevance.

Contacts that you may want to get back to due to unanswered call, and contacts that you call frequently will be displayed on a customizable widget.

【免費工具App】CallWho Smart contacts widget-APP點子

features included :

* Predict calls - CallWho can estimate using your history who would you like to call to and change the order accordingly.

* Resizable contact size - CallWho understand that different people want different picture sizes.

* Realizable - from min 2X2 to what you may like .

【免費工具App】CallWho Smart contacts widget-APP點子

* Reconfigure widget - you can edit the whole widget. you can open the settings and change the widget without deleting and recreating the widget.

* Customizable list size - select how many contacts you want to be displayed.

* Select default action on click - select what you want the widget to do when clicked ( Call ,send message , open contact info)

【免費工具App】CallWho Smart contacts widget-APP點子

* Unanswered indication - CallWho will let you know if a contact could not be reached.

* 2 widgets type - grid and stack .

permissions explained :

* android.permission.CALL_PHONE - enable calling directly from the widget.

* android.permission.READ_CALL_LOG - reading call log for context awareness.

【免費工具App】CallWho Smart contacts widget-APP點子

* android.permission.READ_CONTACTS - read contact names and picture.

* android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE - for widget update after calls end.

more to be added soon

【免費工具App】CallWho Smart contacts widget-APP點子

please send me to email for suggestions and bugs.


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【免費工具App】CallWho Smart contacts widget-APP點子

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