Caller Name Announcer

【免費工具App】Caller Name Announcer-APP點子

Your phone is ringing but you are unable to attend to it? Cooking, driving, jogging or just doing something because of which you can’t reach out to see who is calling you?

So just hear your phone announce the name of the caller!

Just get Caller Name Announcer and problem solved! Now when anyone calls you, you need not look at the mobile screen to know who is calling you, just hear it!

Caller Name Announcer will read out and announce the name of the caller. Make your life easier and more convenient with Caller Name Announcer.

It is a useful and the most efficient app to announce who is calling you, anytime, anywhere!

【免費工具App】Caller Name Announcer-APP點子

【免費工具App】Caller Name Announcer-APP點子

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