Calorie Tracker Pro

【免費健康App】Calorie Tracker Pro-APP點子

Calorie Tracker is a speech-enabled app for windows phone 8. It enables you to track the calories or points you've consumed in a day. It allows you to add food items together with their calories or points and also assign them to a particular meal.

You can issue the following voice command anywhere from your phone :

【免費健康App】Calorie Tracker Pro-APP點子

Calorie tracker new -> brings up a new food item page

Calorie tracker summary -> brings up the day's summary page

【免費健康App】Calorie Tracker Pro-APP點子

The app has a view for each meal and a summary page that shows you how many calories/points you've accumulated so far. It doesn't matter which diet plan you use, you can use Calorie Tracker to track points/calories with the utmost ease.

【免費健康App】Calorie Tracker Pro-APP點子

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