Camera Angles and Levels

【免費工具App】Camera Angles and Levels-APP點子

Angles and Levels is a simple way to measure different types of angles, or to level objects. The main feature with this application is it allows the use of the camera to help level or measure angles of objects.


Standard Level (w/ Camera):

【免費工具App】Camera Angles and Levels-APP點子

-Use the camera to level a picture, or tell what angle an object is at

Standard Level (without Camera):

-Use the phone as a regular level, or measure the angles of surfaces

Table Level:

【免費工具App】Camera Angles and Levels-APP點子

-Laying a phone flat on a surface, you are able to get the each respective angle (of the x and y access)

Angle From Image:

-Using the camera you are able to freeze an image, mark the end points and angle of an object to tell the angle created.

【免費工具App】Camera Angles and Levels-APP點子

*Note this tool should not be relied upon when accuracy is important. The accuracy can be greatly affected by the quality of accelerometers in a phone and any current vibrations, as well as differences in camera qualities*

【免費工具App】Camera Angles and Levels-APP點子

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