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We are the Campus Movement and this is the official Movement App.

God is Moving. Jesus is Coming. It's Time to Do Something. You can use the Movement App to start something, support something, or see something happen for God at your school! Check out what the Movement App has:

- Me: The Movement is made up of you and me. Use the App to start a group or serve in one on your campus (high school or middle school), support a group by praying or providing for students, or just search for a group with the map.

- Map: Search for Christian groups in your school/state or start one on your campus. Get your school or group on the map by going through Do Something! Any Christian group is invited to get on the map!

- Materials: Do Something is a seven-day online journey to step up for Jesus on your campus. With a daily video and a question, you can be ready to start something for God in a week. If you finish, you even get a FREE T-Shirt. Students who finish Do Something get their group on the Map and get a coach for a Month as they get started.

- Messages: Short video messages by students, for students, every single week from across the country. Potentially get your 5-15 minute video message on the App by posting it online with #campusmovement #messages.

- Music: Songs, anthems, and worship sounds created by students, for students, to celebrate Jesus and His cause.

- Manuals: Short books written by students, for students, to help you step up for Jesus on your campus.

【免費教育App】Campus Movement-APP點子

- Media: Hear stories, see pictures, and watch videos about what God is doing in our schools.

- Meetings: Find the time, place, and date of experiences on your Campus or in the Coalition. Sign in at meetings straight from your device!

- Money: Donate directly to students, schools, or states in the Campus Movement so more and more lives can be changed.

- Move God: Ask God to move in your life or in your school by submitting prayer requests for you or your campus. Student leaders and supporters will pray daily for any students or any schools in need.

- Movement: Connect to the Movement online! Read about what God is doing in our schools and share everything with friends via Twitter, Facebook, or email with #CampusMovement.

The Movement App is designed to be a platform for the next generation to point to Jesus in our campuses. Let's see God move in our schools!

For more information about the Movement App, please visit:

The Movement App was developed with the Subsplash App Platform.

【免費教育App】Campus Movement-APP點子


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