CancerAid: Living with Cancer

【免費健康App】CancerAid: Living with Cancer-APP點子

Cancer, the Big C, is a serious disease that is caused when cells in the body grow in a way that is uncontrolled and not normal, killing normal cells and often causing death. Cancer is a life-changer, not just for sufferers but for those who care for them, too.

This Android mobile app was developed by cancer caregivers and designed for cancer patients and their caregivers. It helps cancer patients and their caregivers facing the challenge by providing a comprehensive set of mobile app features that help them manage and organize their medical information and personal situation.

[Health Calendar]

【免費健康App】CancerAid: Living with Cancer-APP點子

If you are a cancer patient or caregiver, the Health Calendar is a perfect tool to record the tough journey cancer brings. It can help you keep track of:

- Diagnosis & Treatment

- Medical Activity

- Feeling & Mood

- Notes & Journal

【免費健康App】CancerAid: Living with Cancer-APP點子

- Blood Test Results

- Medications

- Doctor Appointments

[Blood Counts]

【免費健康App】CancerAid: Living with Cancer-APP點子

The Blood Counts feature allows you to record your complete blood test results. This feature also provides a graphic chart for each of the blood components that can help you monitor your condition and compare your results to the normal ranges. With the Blood Counts feature, you can track:

- RBC: Red blood cell count

- HB: Hemoglobin amount

- WBC: White blood cell count

- PLT: Platelet count

【免費健康App】CancerAid: Living with Cancer-APP點子

- HCT: the fraction of the blood made up of RBCs

- MCV: the average RBC size

- MCH: the average amount of hemoglobin per RBC

- MCHC: the average concentration of hemoglobin per RBC

【免費健康App】CancerAid: Living with Cancer-APP點子

[Medication Record]

The Medication Record feature easily allows to track what medications you are prescribed, the dose, and when you need to take them. which makes it so much easier to relay health history when seeing a new doctor or at an ER visit.

[Diagnosis & Treatment Trackers]

Diagnosis & Treatment Trackers are used to track cancer diagnostic tests and procedures as well as your daily medical data such as weigh, blood pressure, blood glucose and heart rate.


【免費健康App】CancerAid: Living with Cancer-APP點子

The Profiles feature allows you to keep all the medical information of multiple patients in one place. You can track your medical contacts, insurance, doctors, pharmacies, allergies and other health information.


The Resources feature provides a collection of cancer related publications and documents (with permission to copy or reproduce). These documents can provide helpful insight into the various questions that come to mind when dealing with cancer.

【免費健康App】CancerAid: Living with Cancer-APP點子

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