Capital Raising Process

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Vijay Nagappan from MHS Capital and Adam Schoenfeld from Simply Measured have put together a course to help entrepreneurs "hack" the B2B fundraising process based on their experience of working together to raise an $8 million funding round that was led by Bessemer Venture Partners.

You will get access to presentation materials and can review it at your own pace.


✔ About the Speakers

【免費教育App】Capital Raising Process-APP點子

✔ Before You Commit

【免費教育App】Capital Raising Process-APP點子

✔ Preparing to Pitch

【免費教育App】Capital Raising Process-APP點子

✔ Planning/Staging the Process

【免費教育App】Capital Raising Process-APP點子

✔ Managing the Process

【免費教育App】Capital Raising Process-APP點子

✔ Picking the Right Partner

【免費教育App】Capital Raising Process-APP點子

✔ Misc Hacks and Lessons


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【免費教育App】Capital Raising Process-APP點子

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【免費教育App】Capital Raising Process-APP點子

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"I was fortunate to attend Vijay and Adam's presentation in person. Adam and Vijay provided both the entrepreneur's and the VC's perspective on everything from the introductory email and pitch deck to the actual capital raising process. This was by far the most useful presentation on the capital raising process that I have attended in the last year."

-( Nipun Girotra) ★★★★★

Instructed By : Vijay Nagappan

Vijay is an investor at MHS Capital, an early stage VC fund backed by the founders of StubHub, PayPal, Right Media, Zappos, TellMe, and others as well as senior executives at Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, IAC and Expedia.

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