Car Gauge Lite OBD2

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You can create custom gauges and the application will communicate with the vehicles ECU at the 16 Pin OBD II diagnostic connecter. Most of the OBD II connector location should be under the Steering Wheel Compartment. ELM 327 Bluetooth Adapter is required to make this application work. Car Gauge Lite not only can be exciting with gauges, it is a Professional Scan Tool. Do you have a check engine light on? Do you want to know the Readiness Status will pass for a Smog Inspection? Do you want to check the functionality of the Sensors and determine the status of the Mode 5/6 Emission On-board Test(Some Models may not support it)? Car Gauge Lite will show you.

***Car Gauge Pro available Car Gauge Pro

(See information below for the hardware type requirement.)

Vehicle computer system have multiple signal protocols and ELM 327 supports many of them. Currently, the following protocols are supported by the app and MUST be an OBD II Compliant Vehicle.

【免費通訊App】Car Gauge Lite OBD2-APP點子

[Protocols Supported]

* VPW - 1996-2004 Year (GM vehicles)

* PWM - 1996-2004 Year (Ford vehicles)

【免費通訊App】Car Gauge Lite OBD2-APP點子

* ISO 9141(Slow) - 1996-2004 (Chrysler, European, and Asian vehicles)

* KWP 2000(Slow/Fast) - 1996-2004 (Chrysler, European, and Asian vehicles)

【免費通訊App】Car Gauge Lite OBD2-APP點子

* CAN (11/29 Bit) - (2004 and Newer)

[Car Gauge Lite Supports the Following with Limited Views]

[OBD II Generic]

【免費通訊App】Car Gauge Lite OBD2-APP點子

* Mode 1 - Analog/Digital Gauges (160/215 Generic PIDS)

* Mode 1 - List View (220 Generic PIDS)

【免費通訊App】Car Gauge Lite OBD2-APP點子

* Mode 2 - Freeze Frame Data

* Mode 3 - Read Current Faults

【免費通訊App】Car Gauge Lite OBD2-APP點子

* Mode 4 - Clear Faults

* Mode 5 - O2 Sensor Test Result (Non CAN Bus)

【免費通訊App】Car Gauge Lite OBD2-APP點子

* Mode 6 - On-board Test Result

* Mode 7 - Read Pending Faults

【免費通訊App】Car Gauge Lite OBD2-APP點子

* Mode 8 - Evaporative System Leak Test

* Mode 9 - Vin, Performance Tracking Data, ECU Name, Calibration and Verification ID

【免費通訊App】Car Gauge Lite OBD2-APP點子

* Mode A - Read Stored Faults

* I/M Readiness Status

【免費通訊App】Car Gauge Lite OBD2-APP點子

* O2 Sensor Location

Disclaimer Notice:

Do not attempt to enter information or adjust your device while driving. Failure to pay full attention to the operation of your vehicle could result in death, serious injury, or property damage. You assume total responsibility and risk for using your device with this app.

The App is setup for importing background, needle skins and gauge skins from SD card. You can download it from the website.

MINIMUM VM HEAP SIZE (24m). Anything lower may cause the application to force close while adjusting gauge size.

HARDWARE REQUIREMENT: ELM 327 (Clone Type) Bluetooth Adapter.

Vendors Type: CHX, OBDII, Vgate Bluetooth Device tested OK.

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