Car Performance Meter PRO

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Car Performance Meter PRO is an application that makes a combined use of GPS and accelerometer to capture, store and display various physical parameters of the vehicle, car or motorcycle, such as speed, acceleration, engine output and braking force, that is, the performance of the vehicle. Also saves all data and travel route, and may be viewed later, export to gpx route or share the report of all results. Also is an auto meter gauge.

Performance measures include:

Acceleration (0 - 60, 0 - 100, 0 - X config, mph or kmh)

Elapsed Time (1/4mi, 1/8mi, 0 - X meters config.)

Max. Power in H.P.

Top Speed.

Max break force.

Max acceleration

【免費旅遊App】Car Performance Meter PRO-APP點子

Multiple tests

Plot all this data on map, with coordinates, time and measure

Export to gpx.

Share gpx or test result.

We welcome suggestions on design, car brand and language.

What is the working principle ?

Through the speed obtained with the GPS and acceleration through filtering algorithms and mathematical formulas are obtained thrust data and retention, which combined with the weight and other forces, we obtain the estimated vehicle power. Calibration is not required and the position of the terminal does not influence the results.

【免費旅遊App】Car Performance Meter PRO-APP點子

What can I do with this app ?

Instantly share your location by pressing the panic button, especially useful in case of emergency or accident.

Share your track when create gpx file

You can use it as a simple speedometer that works in Km or miles.

You can calculate the acceleration of 0-100 (or any value configurable) .

You can calculate the acceleration of 0-400 meters (or any value configurable)

You can display real-time vehicle power in HP.

You can use to store tracks with 1 second accuracy.

【免費旅遊App】Car Performance Meter PRO-APP點子

Stores the force of acceleration and braking force in G's and m/s2

You can view graphs of all or part of the route, the values ​​of speed, power, acceleration and braking.

You can look on the map the route and points of the maximum values ​​of power, speed and braking.

You can export the GPX format route.

You can share or send via email all the results report.

How is it used?

First enter the setup screen and set the weight of your vehicle, the front section of it and the drag coefficient or CX. These values ​​can consult online or if you do not know, leave it in default. Weight is the most important and that data is readily available.

Select the type of vehicle, and the measure in miles or km. When you finish putting the data in the bottom of the window click the save button and exit.

【免費旅遊App】Car Performance Meter PRO-APP點子

Then from the main menu push the 'Start measuring' button and travel!

It is recommended to turn on the gps manually and disable tracking gsm wifi networks or repeaters.

In the measurement screen are three buttons at the bottom. The 'reset' is used to reset the counters to zero and restart all measures. The central labeled as 'Stop and Save' stop all measurement functions and stores them in memory to be consulted later. The one on the right goes to the main menu.

Have fun!

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【免費旅遊App】Car Performance Meter PRO-APP點子

New Skin

English, Spanish & French

lang bug fixed

New design

Now show and storage altitude.

New digital speed gauge.

More accurate and fast.

Bugs solved.

Instantly share your location by pressing the panic button, especially useful in case of emergency or accident.

【免費旅遊App】Car Performance Meter PRO-APP點子

Now you can share your track when create gpx file

【免費旅遊App】Car Performance Meter PRO-APP點子

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