Card Blitz

【免費紙牌App】Card Blitz-APP點子

Make the best poker hands possible in 90 seconds in order to beat your highscore! Earn chips along the way to unlock bonuses to help you get even more points! Strive to "club with your friends" and "dig a foundation" to unlock all the achievements!

The app is 100% free and there are no in-app purchases! Chips for bonuses can only be unlocked by playing the game.


- Choose one of four cards on the bottom row to add it to your hand

- Choose 5 cards to create a poker hand and get awarded points

【免費紙牌App】Card Blitz-APP點子

- You have 90 seconds to make as many poker hands as you can

- Try to beat your highscore


- Earn chips every game to buy bonuses

【免費紙牌App】Card Blitz-APP點子

- Unlock "mining for gold" to enable gold cards in-game

- Gold cards reward more points

- Unlock you inner "speed demon" to get more points for making hands quickly


【免費紙牌App】Card Blitz-APP點子

- Strive to unlock all the achievements


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【免費紙牌App】Card Blitz-APP點子

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【免費紙牌App】Card Blitz-APP點子

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