Carnage Street

【免費街機App】Carnage Street-APP點子

Carnage Street is an-old school shooting game ready to be enjoyed for free on your phone. Use a vastly overpowered arsenal to splatter the massive, upcoming army of zombie and defend your town by painting the street with a nice blood, arcade red.

"In short, it's just 'shoot all the crawling ducks', but the ducks are so gushy and the guns are so beefy that it's rather enjoyable." ~Amon26

▪ More than 12 weapons

▪ Old-school, adorable pixelly style.

【免費街機App】Carnage Street-APP點子

▪ No mind required. Not a gram.

▪ Free to play. From gamers to gamers.

Since it's an HTML5 port, performance may not be top-notch. High options settings are recommended only if you have a tablet or a really powerful phone, to avoid lag. Also, if you're experiencing slowdowns, try turning the sounds off from the main menu.

I wanted to credit whoever composed the game's tune, I downloaded it from several years ago and couldn't track it back. If you're / know the compositor, please contact me!

【免費街機App】Carnage Street-APP點子


【免費街機App】Carnage Street-APP點子

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