Caroline Springs Blue Devils

【免費運動App】Caroline Springs Blue Devils-APP點子

The Caroline Springs "Blue Devils" are a junior basketball team for boys and girls. Their aim is to assist and develop the needs of both social and serious basketball players. They emphasize the values of teamwork, sportsmanship and commitment. The club are part of the Keilor Basketball Association.

The club was founded in 2006 by Theodore "Dory" Hall and after the clubs inception and as a direct result of the Caroline Springs Blue Devils Basketball Club, the Caroline Springs Lakeside Basketball Association was founded in Jan 2009 by Greg Beasley and Liam Wright, which now has over 500 kids currently playing basketball in the community of Caroline Springs.

With the continued growth of the club, the committee knew it was the right time to look at alternative options that will allow them to communicate better with their players, members, supporters and sponsors.

With a dynamic committee ensuring the club is well run off the field, the committee spent a significant amount of time looking at various options which would enable them to engage and communicate with their players, members, supporters and sponsors.

After a lengthy process and assessing all of their options the Caroline Springs Blue Devils Basketball Club is pleased to announce the release of their very first ever native mobile phone app for Android!

The release of the app is a fantastic step forward for the club in to the world of apps and they have no doubt the app will be a huge success!

The app will be fully branded in the club colours and the content available in the app will be about the Caroline Springs Blue Devils Basketball Club.

The type of information available to you when you download this app are as follows:

- Latest News

- Results

- Images

- Videos

【免費運動App】Caroline Springs Blue Devils-APP點子

- Events

- Facebook

- Merchandise

- Committee

【免費運動App】Caroline Springs Blue Devils-APP點子

- Contacts

- Teams

- Ladders

- Fixtures

【免費運動App】Caroline Springs Blue Devils-APP點子

- Team news

- Sponsors

- Grounds

- Memberships

【免費運動App】Caroline Springs Blue Devils-APP點子

- Training and much much more

To make sure you stay in touch with absolutely everything to do with the club, download the app now!

Go Devils!

【免費運動App】Caroline Springs Blue Devils-APP點子

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