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Enjoy a whole new way of sharing your Location & Photos with others on a temporary basis for free. Meeting friends out on the avenue? Turn your CellSpotter App ON and let others see where you are so you can all meet up! You're a parent with teens? Have your kids turn their CellSpotter ON so you can keep an eye on them while you’re at home or work. Picking someone up at the airport? Have them use the App after they land and watch them from the runway all the way to the curb. Lost in the woods, your car broke down, at the beach or out on the jet-ski/boat? Turn your CellSpotter ON so others can easily find you…Lost your phone? Find with CellSpotter!

CellSpotter is the easiest GPS Location Sharing App in the world. Once you have the app, you can just turn it ON so others can see your location. You can also take a photo from that location and share with others. If you move locations, just take another photo to replace the last. If someone needs Directions to where you are, all they have to do is touch the Directions button and they will be able to come right to you. If you need Directions somewhere, have someone at that location turn ON their CellSpotter and touch the Directions button on the map...it's that easy!

CellSpotter in Android uses LESS battery than in Apple iOS. Our tests with late model phones estimate that only 30% of the battery is consumed over a 14 hour period if no talk time is used and no other apps are open. For best results, turn off all other apps and time out the app one evening while you sleep. If you don't talk on the phone, and only the CellSpotter App is ON, you will see exactly how much battery is consumed in the 8 hours that you sleep. We think you are going to be very surprised!!! We estimate that it will use less than 20%. CellSpotter battery usage in Android is exceptional and we recommend that Android be used if you are very active in the woods, hiking, skiing, biking, boating and moving about as CellSpotter in Android has as we said, exceptionally low battery draw. Don't let anyone tell you different. The Android platform updates location every two minutes and surprised even the developers when it came to battery usage when the app was first developed. We highly recommend that Android be used for your children's phones as well as the app rarely requires interaction and uses so little battery power.

Some apps require you to have the use the app, but not CellSpotter. Even if you don’t have the app, you can still see other peoples locations from the use of our website, www.CellSpotter.com. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

To learn more about CellSpotter, please go to our website or mobile website for more detailed instructions. As we are constantly making additions, please visit often.

Uses for CellSpotter:

• Going out tonight but not sure where; friends can easily find you to meet up.

• Stranded in a car, tow-truck, taxi or friends need to find you.


【免費通訊App】CellSpotter GPS Location Share-APP點子

• Lost in the woods, injured while hiking, skiing, hunting/avalanche.

• Having a party? Can serve as directions for all. Just turn your CellSpotter ON.

• Monitor your employees on the job/company fleet vehicles.

【免費通訊App】CellSpotter GPS Location Share-APP點子

• On the Ski Slope or at the beach.

• Class trips. Teachers and classmates can keep track of you.

• Going somewhere you’ve never been before? Have friend turn on CellSpotter.

【免費通訊App】CellSpotter GPS Location Share-APP點子

• Out on your boat or jet-ski and meeting up with friends/ or you need a tow.

• Abducted/ kidnapped/ car off the road; CellSpotter could save your life.

• Running late and need exact directions to a business meeting.

【免費通訊App】CellSpotter GPS Location Share-APP點子

• Relatives who have memory issues or Alzheimer’s.

• At a concert or amusement park; separated from your group.

• Keeping track of your kids; use confidential complex password.

【免費通訊App】CellSpotter GPS Location Share-APP點子

• Check the progress of a family member who is travelling.

• Picking up someone from the airport, see them from the moment they land.


Enjoy our FREE app CellSpotter TODAY!

Thank you,

The CellSpotter Team

【免費通訊App】CellSpotter GPS Location Share-APP點子


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