Centreagent is a multilingual, cross-platform instant messaging mobile app (also available on the Web) which enables people (customers & prospective customers) to speak with a business or organization customer-care agent(s).

Centreagent is a channel where businesses/organizations explain product options to customers, answer support related questions, meet customers challenging needs, transfer customer to a senior colleague if need be and build sustainable relationship and loyalty while they are engaged with customers.


Real Time Notification:

Users gets a new message notification when app is not currently the forefront app user is interacting with. (Users using the Web App will get notification in the form of a sound beep)

Message Delivery Status:


Users get to see a single mark for a sent message & double mark for a delivered message.

Typing/Offile-Online Status:

Users get to know when an agent is typing a message or is offline and vice versa.



Aside from layering the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) on top of the SSL/TLS protocol, Centreagent innovated it own custom made cryptography method just to ensure that messages are not sent, received or stored in plain text. The main motivation behind this is to prevent wiretapping (packet data analysis) and main-in-the-middle attacks (session hijacking).



In order to allow businesses serve their customers better, Centreagent allow businesses to add to their account Front-End; as many languages they feel would be better to serve their customers (* Provided they have customercare agent(s) to respond in those languages).




Centreagent do not serve advertisement.

Centreagent do not interfare with customers' Phonebook or Media (Videos, Photos, Musics etc).


Centreagent do not charge people (Customers) for using it service (It's completely free for people). Only businesses are charged service fee.

Centreagent do not require people (Customers) to signup or login before using its service. Only businesses signup and login.




Centreagent is available on all major smartphone platforms which include:




-Windows Phone



*Most importantly Centreagent is also available on the Web just to ensure nobody is leftout. (Please click on the Web-App to see this)




Customers can point to any registered business with the business's Centreagent Handle (which begins with an @ character) to speak with the business's customer care agent. Customers can also make use of the search tool to find a business Centreagent Handle.



Customercare agent(s):


can attend to multiple customers concurrently.

Transfer customercare to a senior customercare agent in situations where he/she can't handle the customer's request or complaints.

The customer care agent and the senior customer care agent can both respond to customer thus resulting in a 3-in-1 conversation or even the customercare agent can learn quickly from how the senior customercare agent respond to a particular customer request/complaint incase another customer is having the same request/complaint.


Businesses can resgister as many customercare agents and senior customercare agents they wish and those agents can login concurrently.

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