Chalisa or chaleesa refers to Hindu devotional poem consisting of Forty Verses. Chalisa means forty and each chalisa is dedicated to a specific deity. Chanting with feeling and devotion leads to the spiritual upliftment of the devotee.

Chalisa for Windows Phone 7 application is a collection of 11 religious chants, dedicated to Hindu Gods and Goddesses.


The application contains the following chalisa:

1. Bhairav Chalisa


2. Durga Chalisa

3. Ganesh Chalisa

4. Gayatri Chalisa


5. Hanuman Chalisa

6. Kali Chalisa

7. Krishna Chalisa


8. Lakshmi Chalisa

9. Saraswati Chalisa

10. Shani Chalisa


11. Shiv Chalisa

The application helps recite the verses one at a time.


Both Hindi and English texts are available.


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