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You are Charlotte Bobcats fan, get all news about your favorite team by:

- Configuring automatic update with personalized parameters: Notification, Time slot, Frequency...

- Getting instantly notified when a news is released: Sound, Vibrate, LED...

- Consulting all news and previews...

- Getting news details from different sources: ESPN, CBSSport, Yahoo! Sports.

【免費運動App】Charlotte Basketball News-APP點子

- Sharing with your friend all news about Charlotte Bobcats.

With Charlotte Basketball News you will never miss news about your favorite team!!


Update to last version to get Charlotte Bobcats News from:


【免費運動App】Charlotte Basketball News-APP點子

- CBSSport

- Eye on Basketball

- Yahoo! Sports

- Fox Sports

- Fox Sports Video

【免費運動App】Charlotte Basketball News-APP點子

- (Sports Illustrated)

- Video (Sports Illustrated)

- Google News

- FanNation


【免費運動App】Charlotte Basketball News-APP點子



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【免費運動App】Charlotte Basketball News-APP點子

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