Chase Force by ADM

【免費商業App】Chase Force by ADM-APP點子

Chaseforce is a leading workforce mobility management platform that simplifies mobility for enterprises, while empowering end users to work at the speed of life from any smartphone, anywhere, anytime and make their lives easier and their work more productive, which improves business results and strengthens customer relationships.

Chaseforce can scale to any size of workforce and are built to not only work well together but also to seamlessly integrate with your existing technology investments and are extremely intuitive and allow you to manage large amounts of data efficiently and effectively.

Requires Android OS version 2.3 and up.

How it works?

Simple - Install Chase Force on the Android Phone. From then on, your manager can use Chase Force Web application to locate your current position, your reports and information at real time basis.

Use your smartphone as your tracking device by installing the Chase Force app. The moment you activate the tracking mode, a background application on your phone tracks your position.

Each device with Chase Force installed has the option to automatically update its location at regular intervals.

Chase Force uses mobile internet to communicate with the server. Admin can send message to the users, these notifications are free, specific to our Chase Force application, and work anywhere in the world as long as the device has internet access.


Chaseforce unique platform is dedicated to enhancing the value of enterprises business through intelligent integration of established technologies, information and services to deliver secure, proven, scalable, reliable, comprehensive and user friendly solutions that enables enterprises to :

> Stay connected to their workforce through two way messaging, forms and workorders.

【免費商業App】Chase Force by ADM-APP點子

> Access real time location and data on one dashboard with full metrics & reports to match.

> Increase workforce productivity & efficiency.

【免費商業App】Chase Force by ADM-APP點子

> Better & faster decision making.

> Improve customer service, satisfaction & retention.

【免費商業App】Chase Force by ADM-APP點子

> Increase competitive edge.

> Drive continuous improvement.

【免費商業App】Chase Force by ADM-APP點子

> Record journey or official trip.

> Even after rebooted, Chase Force will automatically resume tracking and updating its position.

【免費商業App】Chase Force by ADM-APP點子

> Provide best possible balance between accuracy and dependability.

> Uses the pictures from contacts or you can set a custom photo for your workforce.

【免費商業App】Chase Force by ADM-APP點子

> The ability to see the historical location data for everyone you are tracking on the map.

> Watch the Replay of journey or trip.

What is new in Chase Force?

> Automatically Attendance Sheet Preparation.

【免費商業App】Chase Force by ADM-APP點子

> Customized Forms.

> Customized Response of Buttons.

【免費商業App】Chase Force by ADM-APP點子

> Work Assignments.

> Targets.

> Record Journey Trip & Meeting.

> Instant Reporting.

SMS Chaseforce to 59090 & our team will contact you soon! (only available in India)

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