Chatmode Pro WP7

【免費生活App】Chatmode Pro WP7-APP點子

With Chatmode you can chat safely with your friends and acquaintances - the data will be encrypted and stored. And best of all, this app steals NO DATA ! ! ! ! ! !

With this app you are just in the chat mode!

Based on your assessment, the app is continuously being developed .

The app is also available for Android users !

【免費生活App】Chatmode Pro WP7-APP點子

Of course, you can send us with questions and suggestions also send an email to .

Discussions are also welcome to the web forum!Forum/chatmode take place

【免費生活App】Chatmode Pro WP7-APP點子

On the website you find more information about the product and answers to frequently asked questions .

* Data Protection : To register any e-mail address, name, mobile number , etc. is required. There is only one account and password required.

【免費生活App】Chatmode Pro WP7-APP點子

* Security : For a secure chat all data is encrypted and stored. Old non-transmitted data will be deleted after 7 days.

* Easy to use : One geared to speed and simplify design lets you communicate targeted .

【免費生活App】Chatmode Pro WP7-APP點子

* Costs: No additional costs - except an Internet connection via WiFi, 3G or 2G.

* Enterprise Solution: There is a separate company with its own data management solution available.

【免費生活App】Chatmode Pro WP7-APP點子

* Roadmap: A version for IPhone / IPad is currently being developed , so that you can communicate with even more friends .

* Test version : it is for 1 day fully functional - then no more messages can be sent .

【免費生活App】Chatmode Pro WP7-APP點子

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