Check Random Entropy Available

【免費工具App】Check Random Entropy Available-APP點子

This app displays the Random Entropy Available as presented in the kernel.

This should be used alongside Seeder or in conjunction with your own performance testing.

There is currently some discussion the loading apps requires there to be random numbers available.

I got the idea after reading over this forum post:

I read up about random entropy seeding and I'm using the following values:

Performance changes:

Do not randomize address spaces: Performance Gain at loss of security?

【免費工具App】Check Random Entropy Available-APP點子

busybox sysctl -w kernel.randomize_va_space=0

Minimum number to write random numbers: (Goal is 4096, so this is 25%.) Observed value 133 at beginning.

【免費工具App】Check Random Entropy Available-APP點子

sysctl -w kernel.random.write_wakeup_threshold=1024

sysctl -w kernel.random.write_wakeup_threshold=4096

Minimum number to read random numbers: // gives it more time to read?

sysctl -w kernel.random.read_wakeup_threshold=512

Also interesting: I took a bunch of screenshots for this app release, and the number dipped down quite a bit..

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