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【免費棋類遊戲App】Checkers Pro Free-APP點子

#1 most downloaded Checkers app, THANK YOU!

“Fun to play, lots of options”, hugosays

“Best game I played in a long time”, player087793050

“Computer is VERY challenging”, Eternl Rayne

“Addicting, fun!”, ZarZun

“A must have”, FrontalManager

“I love Checkers and I think this is perfect!”, i run LI

【免費棋類遊戲App】Checkers Pro Free-APP點子

“Great game, well done, fast… Recommended!”, EnVinoVeritas

Checkers, also known as Draughts, is a board game where two players compete to immobilize or ‘eat’ all the opponent pieces. The board pieces can move forward or jump to eat an opponent piece. If a piece reaches the opposite end of the board, it becomes a “king” and can move in any direction.

Checkers Pro has the strongest AI engine of all WP7 Checkers games – it *will* challenge advanced players. It also offers a fun experience for beginners, with lower difficulty levels and showing possible moves.


* If a piece can jump, it must jump (can be turned off)

【免費棋類遊戲App】Checkers Pro Free-APP點子

* Black always starts

* 8 x 8 board

* No flying kings


* Play with anyone worldwide!

* Online chat

* Worldwide online high scores

【免費棋類遊戲App】Checkers Pro Free-APP點子

* True-high-res graphic themes

* One-touch move, and drag & drop piece

* 7 difficulty levels: novice to impossible

* New super hard Level 8, “Grok”

* 1 or 2 player mode

* Turn On/Off forced jumps

* Beginner levels

* Auto-save: don’t lose games if you get a phone call

【免費棋類遊戲App】Checkers Pro Free-APP點子

* Undo: back up wrong moves, try out different strategies

* Always fun: the phone plays differently every time

* Many options: sound, numbering, one-touch move

PAID VERSION removes ads.


v3.12 bug fixes

【免費棋類遊戲App】Checkers Pro Free-APP點子

v3.10, 3.11 works on low memory devices

v3.7-3.9 bug fixes, find more games

v3.6 bug fixes, show % internet games completed

v3.5 Mango, better UI, fast app switching

v3.3 Bug fixes, better AI when forced jumps are off

v3.2 Faster and more reliable online, random start

v3.1 New chat, better AI, bug fixes, faster, more random gameplay

v3.0 Stability fixes, better online, Level 8 (Grok), updated scores to reflect level 8

【免費棋類遊戲App】Checkers Pro Free-APP點子



【免費棋類遊戲App】Checkers Pro Free-APP點子

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