Cheer Full Downs

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In this App, you will learn both the proper technique for flyers. Including 27 techniques, including Pop-warner, High school, and All-Star as well as elite Collegiate dismounts. All techniques are USASF qualified, PDF of rulebook provided! Stephanie Yeatts, “Bibby”, is a 2x ICU World Cheerleading Champion, 4x Collegiate Champion with HPU, 1x NCA Group Stunt Champion, and NCA All-Star Champion. Bibby is currently coaching at Cheer808 located in Honolulu HI.

NOTE: The videos in this app will download to your device, so once you have downloaded you can watch them anywhere with no need for an internet connection,

Since this is a large app. Download to your computer first, then sync with your device, or download to your device via WiFi and a fast connection to the internet.

App Contents

Cheer: Cradling (FREE)

1. Prep cradle

2. Extension cradle

3. Lib cradle

4. Heel stretch cradle

5. Overstretch cradle

6. Arabesque cradle

7. Scale cradle

8. Scorpion cradle


1. Heel stretch drill

2. Arabesque squaring and cradle drill

Cheer: Full downs (1.99)

1. Prep full-down

2. Extension full-down

【免費健康App】Cheer Full Downs-APP點子

3. Lib full-down

4. Heel stretch full-down

5. Overstretch full-down

6. Arabesque full-down

7. Scale full-down

8. Scorpion full-down


1. Prep full down drills

2. Heel stretch full-down drills

3. Arabesque full-down drills

Cheer: Double-downs (.99)

1. Prep double-down

2. Heel stretch double-down

3. Overstretch double-down

4. Arabesque double-down

5. Scale double-down

6. Scorpion double-down

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