Cheer Spotting Level 2 Free

【免費健康App】Cheer Spotting Level 2 Free-APP點子

In this App*, you will learn how to properly spot 25 tumbling skills ranging from level 1-5, including both running tumbling and standing tumbling. All techniques are USASF qualified.

Brandon Bliss, is a NCA All-star National and Grand Champion, 2x Junior Olympic Participant placing in the top 25%, 8x State Gymnastics Champion, and former member of the Spirit of Texas and Cheer Athletics worlds teams. He is currently the owner of Source it skills where he teaches tumbling clinics around the world while residing in Texas coaching at Express Cheer & Dance.

Corey Rickett is a 3x NCA Collegiate National Champion from Hawaii Pacific University. Corey has been coaching gymnastics and cheerleading for the past 10 years and is a level 1-5 certified USASF instructor as well as a USA Gymnastics certified tumbling coach. He has worked all over the world coaching cheerleading and gymnastics through Spring, and has held many elite positions at numerous camp organizations including the Stunt Coordinator position at Camp Woodward in Woodward, Pennsylvania.

NOTE: The videos in this app will download to your device, so once you have downloaded you can watch them anywhere with no need for an internet connection, Since this is a large app. Download to your computer first, then sync with your device, or download to your device via WiFi and a fast connection to the internet.

Level 1


Backwards roll


【免費健康App】Cheer Spotting Level 2 Free-APP點子




【免費健康App】Cheer Spotting Level 2 Free-APP點子

Level 2

Back-walkover BHS

BHS step out


【免費健康App】Cheer Spotting Level 2 Free-APP點子

RO series


Level 3

Standing 2 BHS

RO tuck

【免費健康App】Cheer Spotting Level 2 Free-APP點子

RO BHS tuck

Punch front

Toe touch BHS

Level 4

Back tuck

【免費健康App】Cheer Spotting Level 2 Free-APP點子



Punch-front step out

【免費健康App】Cheer Spotting Level 2 Free-APP點子

2 BHS to tuck

Level 5

Standing Full


Double full

【免費健康App】Cheer Spotting Level 2 Free-APP點子


* Perform the described cheerleading techniques at your own risk. Neither Pro Fit Global or any of their associates will be held liable for any injuries or accidents that are incurred by performing any cheerleading techniques described in the associated videos. Always perform the described cheerleading techniques using trained spotters and coaches in a safe environment.

【免費健康App】Cheer Spotting Level 2 Free-APP點子

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