Chess Clock

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A minimalist chess clock for those ornery players who like to keep the game moving. Features a clean design and timing options for both casual and advanced players.

A few nice features:

* Adjust player clock during game (touch the timer)

* Move counter.

【免費解謎App】Chess Clock-APP點子

* The timer will pause if you get interrupted.

* For more experienced players, the official FIDE tournament time controls can be used (or use your own custom settings)

【免費解謎App】Chess Clock-APP點子

* You can swap the button positions

* You can play a bell when time runs out

【免費解謎App】Chess Clock-APP點子

* Allow the screen to dim (to conserve power during those long games).

* Visual indication of Bronstein delay interval

【免費解謎App】Chess Clock-APP點子

* Take a picture of your board and it will suggest a move. (KIDDING!)

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