Chess Stopwatch

【免費運動App】Chess Stopwatch-APP點子

Chess Stop Watch app allows you to track the time of each chess player’s turn. This chess clock is sleek and simple in its design, and with only two screens to manage you can focus your time and energy on playing the game at hand.

✓ Personalize each game by entering chess players’ names for White or Black

✓ Set the time allotted for the chess game

【免費運動App】Chess Stopwatch-APP點子

✓ Play button takes you to second screen for countdown

✓ Option to flip one of the countdown clocks “upside down” so both players can easily see the time

【免費運動App】Chess Stopwatch-APP點子

✓ Simply touch the screen to send the move to the next player

✓ Digital chess clock shows Completed and Remaining time down to the seconds

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