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Read today's Chicago Sun-Times newspaper anytime, anywhere with the Chicago Sun-Times Today's Paper app. Never miss a day of breaking news and sports from the Pulitzer Prize-winning news source for Chicagoland. You can flip pages, search by keywords, share articles with friends and family and access recent back issues on demand. The Today’s Paper app is available exclusively for Chicago Sun-Times Print and Digital Subscribers! Not a subscriber? Simply follow this link to subscribe:

Access to the content in each day’s paper is now yours - delivered to you digitally. If you elect to download today's paper, you will be able to view it without the further need of Wi-Fi connection or data plan, so you can read it while on the train, in the gym, or on a plane!

A few notes on the Chicago Sun-Times: E-Paper app:

- To turn on automatic downloading of new editions, go to Sources: Tap your publication, then check “Automatically deliver all new issues.”

【免費新聞App】Chicago Sun-Times: E-Paper-APP點子

- You can read stories on the ‘printed’ page or via text view by clicking on the blue title link.

【免費新聞App】Chicago Sun-Times: E-Paper-APP點子

- Web links and phone numbers are clickable in articles and advertisements.

The app is free to download; however, you do need to be a Chicago Sun-Times Print or Digital subscriber to access Today’s Paper. When you first open the app, you will be asked to Log In with your email. Sun-Times subscribers should use the email on their account. If you need to add an email to your account, please go to Here you will register your email to your account and get access to digital products included with your subscription.

If you have any issues, please contact us at

We hope you enjoy the Chicago Sun-Times!

【免費新聞App】Chicago Sun-Times: E-Paper-APP點子

【免費新聞App】Chicago Sun-Times: E-Paper-APP點子

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