Chicken Adventure

【免費街機App】Chicken Adventure-APP點子

We proudly offer you our new funny game Chicken Adventure, where you are the only one who can help cute chicken to lay her eggs on all the nests around.

It is a great summer day at the country farm and everyone is enjoying the life, except the chicken that cannot rest before she gets everything done. Help the chicken by guiding her in order to to avoid the cock and lay down eggs!

How to play: in Chicken Adventure you are controlling the chicken, your task is to lay as many eggs as possible, but be careful, the nasty bully rooster is going to be in your way, so you don’t let him get you! Each time the rooster pecks you – you lose 1 heart. Don’t waste all of your hearts! When you lay an egg into nest - you get more time and score, so try to get the highest score you can! And don’t forget that time is running out!

Chicken Adventures features:

- Adorable main character - cute chicken

【免費街機App】Chicken Adventure-APP點子

- Nice cartoon style game setting

【免費街機App】Chicken Adventure-APP點子

- Three great different locations

【免費街機App】Chicken Adventure-APP點子

- Addicting funny game for all ages

【免費街機App】Chicken Adventure-APP點子

- Simple gameplay – just tap to move chicken

Try out the game Chicken Adventure, help the cute chicken to do all her stuff, show that nasty rooster that no one can stop you! Compete with your friends in getting the highest score!

【免費街機App】Chicken Adventure-APP點子

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