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From the company that brought the popular Domestic Violence application - now they are taking the next step to helping people learn what they do not know, but could affect them either directly or indirectly....The topic of Child Abuse.Child Abuse - what is it? What are the signs? Whether you or someone you know is effected by this situation, this application could help.This free application has the following features:- What IS Child Abuse?- What are the signs?- Prevention.- The Consequences.- Information on the Child Welfare System.- How to respond to Child Abuse.- How to support families.- Internet Resources.- National Child Abuse Hotlines by State.The information contained in this app has been obtained from various well-known Child Abuse informational web sites.This application could be used as a way in for someone to start a conversation about this topic.

【免費書籍App】Child Abuse Information-APP點子

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