Children Tracker

【免費通訊App】Children Tracker-APP點子

Children Tracker is the best solution to track your children activities including calls, texts, locations, browsing histories, connected hotspots, etc.


☆ Location: automatically track the location and movement of your children 24/7

☆ Call logs & SMS: record all call logs and text messages that your children sent along with recipient information.

【免費通訊App】Children Tracker-APP點子

☆ Web surfing: all visited web pages are transferred to cloud and report to you.

☆ Other activities: track which apps they installs and uses, device on/off, connected hotspots,etc.

☆ Data visualization: different data view helps you the best user experience while explore tracked data, including dashboard, timeline and location styles

【免費通訊App】Children Tracker-APP點子

☆ Secure & realtime: your data is securely stored on our secure cloud (Google App Engine). View their activity in real time and see fully recorded activities in the past

☆ Smart remote tracking: app smartly tracks selected data and dynamically change configuration to adapt environment and device configuration.

☆ Web console: using web console to view tracked data and remotely reconfigure apps

☆ Geo-fencing: report to enter/exit pre-defined regions

【免費通訊App】Children Tracker-APP點子

☆ Email reporting: daily, weekly for tracked activities

☆ Multiple devices supported

Web console note

【免費通訊App】Children Tracker-APP點子

☆ Login to

to view tracked data

☆ After register the device, activate your account by following activation email

【免費通訊App】Children Tracker-APP點子


☆ Internet connection: this app tracks data and send it to cloud as soon as internet connection available (device don't need to have 24/7 internet connection)

☆ GPS: this app prefer GPS to track location for better precision. However, it can track location without GPS (using network location instead)

【免費通訊App】Children Tracker-APP點子

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【免費通訊App】Children Tracker-APP點子

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