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Children's Nest Early Childhood Education Center is a childcare center that accommodates both family and community needs. Choosing a childcare center is one of the most important decisions a family has to make. When a child attends our center, families are able to go to work or continue schooling knowing that their children are in a quality childcare setting.

Children can spend many hours in childcare. It is their "home away from home" and it is a place where a great deal of growth and development occurs.

Children's Nest Early Childhood Education is open to all children regardless of race, nationality, religion or creed.

Our mission is to provide the best early childcare and education to the children in our community. Through our commitment to excellent services, diversity, creativity and integrity we nurture the future of our country.

The Children's Nest belief and philosophy is that children need to feel safe and have a sense of belonging in their "home away from home". We devote ourselves in maintaining an environment where self-esteem, love, learning and respect for others are prominent. Our goal is for your child to leave each day feeling secure and loved which will make them grow into an independent and happy person.





【免費教育App】Children's Nest-APP點子


.. Or LEARN.

Children's Nest is New York State licensed, Department of Social Services approved and participates in the Child and Adult Food Program to provide your child with nutritious meals and snacks each day.

Why not reward your family with the Children's Nest difference.

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