Chinese Checkers-jump

【免費棋類遊戲App】Chinese Checkers-jump-APP點子

Transport yourself to the ultimate Zen experience with Chinese Checkers-jump.

Chinese checkers-jump (a variant of Halma) is a popular family board game that can be played by two to six people. It is full of strategy and very convenient to play at anywhere, cause It is available when offline.

Some Chinese may call it jump game or jump checkers. Because we play it by jump the chess pieces cell by cell.

The objective of the game is to place one's pieces (marbles) in the corner opposite their starting position of a pitted hexagram by single moves or jumps over other pieces.


❉easy to play but exciting.

【免費棋類遊戲App】Chinese Checkers-jump-APP點子

❉Multiplayer battle is available(1-6people).

❉traditional UI ,classic game.

❉Auto save.

❉Totally free!

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