Chinese Mandarin Bubble Bath

【免費教育App】Chinese Mandarin Bubble Bath-APP點子

Learn and study Chinese with Mandarin Bubble Bath—a free game that is both fun and educational.

While playing this game, you will learn to

--Read Chinese Characters (Hanzi)

--Listen to Mandarin Words and Phrases

【免費教育App】Chinese Mandarin Bubble Bath-APP點子

--Practice with each level until you master your new vocabulary

Learn to recognize and read Chinese Characters by popping bubbles. If this sounds too intimidating, you can use the game in Pinyin mode to see only the romanized spellings until you are ready for characters.

Learn to listen to Mandarin words and phrases. Practice listening to the tones of the Mandarin words as they are spoken by native speakers.

【免費教育App】Chinese Mandarin Bubble Bath-APP點子

Learn the world's hardest language and have fun doing it with this Bubble Bath of Knowledge game. You'll be surprised at how quickly you will be able to read Chinese characters.

Pop the bubbles with Chinese Characters and build your vocabulary. Listen to the words spoken by a native speaker. Pop the bubbles before they float away.

You will start off easy, but as each level gets more difficult, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you learn.

Mandarin Bubble Bath is arranged into 12 categories based on topics. Each category contains 10 Chinese words and phrases. The best area to start with is numbers.

【免費教育App】Chinese Mandarin Bubble Bath-APP點子

Chinese (Zhongwen) is difficult. But you will surprise yourself. After all, if a billion people can speak it, why can’t you?

Some levels will force you to read Chinese Characters, with no audio to listen to.

Other levels might force you to listen to Mandarin tones spoken by a native speaker.

【免費教育App】Chinese Mandarin Bubble Bath-APP點子

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Are you a Chinese Teacher? Consider Mandarin Bubble Bath as a teaching tool you can use instead of flash cards in you lessons.

This version of Chinese Bubble Bath is completely free. We make money by advertising. If you do not want ads, consider upgrading to the full version.

Bubble Bath games are available in the following languages:

【免費教育App】Chinese Mandarin Bubble Bath-APP點子



--Chinese Mandarin

【免費教育App】Chinese Mandarin Bubble Bath-APP點子





【免費教育App】Chinese Mandarin Bubble Bath-APP點子




【免費教育App】Chinese Mandarin Bubble Bath-APP點子



It's 2014. One in Five people in the world can speak Chinese. Isn't it time you learn Chinese?

Please leave feedback. If you like the game, hate it, or just don't care, we'd like to know!

【免費教育App】Chinese Mandarin Bubble Bath-APP點子

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【免費教育App】Chinese Mandarin Bubble Bath-APP點子

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