Chinese Plan HSK1 Listening

【免費教育App】Chinese Plan HSK1 Listening-APP點子

Please enjoy 5 sets of HSK1 old exam papers in listening as well as superior voice quality.

The unique assistant system will urge you to study effectively. Both learning time and accuracy are crucial to your grades.

Assistant will set suitable task for you everyday. All the questions of high error rate will be added to a new plan. In this way, there'll be no blind spot in your study.

Many kinds of display pattern provide you with mock exam mode and practice mode. What's more, you can enjoy brilliant functions such as screen word-capturing, vocabulary notebook, speed adjustment, background play, sentence-by-sentence play and so on.

Features of the unique assistant system:

1. You can choose from low, middle or high study intensity according to your own level.

2. Two assistants are offered. One is stricter Kate. She is suitable for those who demand high standards; the other one is less stricter Ken. He is suitable for those who demand low standards.

3.Daily assistant will schedule tasks according to your settings. Remember that high scores and medals depend on learning time and accuracy. So please study carefully, otherwise all wrong questions will be added to following tasks.

4.Assistant will evaluate your performance every few days. If you don't study hard,being scolded is quite possible.

5.Your body is more important than grades. So assistant will give you some health tips every day. Please pay attention to that.

6.The Station Agent, maxims and epigrams, funny jokes as well as testing technique are also provided to adjust your mood.

Join us in the HSK listening assistant plan!

【免費教育App】Chinese Plan HSK1 Listening-APP點子

【免費教育App】Chinese Plan HSK1 Listening-APP點子

【免費教育App】Chinese Plan HSK1 Listening-APP點子

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