Choppa Gunna Full (Beta)

【免費街機App】Choppa Gunna Full (Beta)-APP點子


【免費街機App】Choppa Gunna Full (Beta)-APP點子

Game minimum requirements are

【免費街機App】Choppa Gunna Full (Beta)-APP點子

Android 2.2+

【免費街機App】Choppa Gunna Full (Beta)-APP點子

1 GHz single core processor or higher

【免費街機App】Choppa Gunna Full (Beta)-APP點子

512 MB RAM or more

【免費街機App】Choppa Gunna Full (Beta)-APP點子

OpenGL ES 2.0, no modded roms

【免費街機App】Choppa Gunna Full (Beta)-APP點子


Zombies had invaded the world! Get to the choppa and travel as far as you can while unlocking guns, achievements, and different zombies! With animations and art provided by Hyun, this action packed stick figure side scroller lets you jump rooftop to rooftop while killing off the endless zombie horde. Reach into the depths of the zombie nest to unlock the zombie boss.

Stay tuned for more updates on guns, levels, and bosses!

****Known Issues****

【免費街機App】Choppa Gunna Full (Beta)-APP點子

Some devices are not compatible with this game. Some Samsung phones are crashing while loading the first map. There is a no fix for this. The main reason seems to be low memory and older GPU processors in some Samsung devices.


Animations by Hyun:

Music by Agama:

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