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Christmas Crunch Lite is an iPhone Christmas gift crunching game with two modes; Chain Reaction and Timed Crunch! You can crunch the armada of gifts with a super long chain reaction or try your hand at manually smashing them a bunch at a time.Upgrade to the full version of Christmas Crunch to add more gifts, more points, and unlock the global scoreboard!Chain reaction mode lets you start a chain reaction of present destruction and passively observe the destruction from the safety of behind your iPhone. You can earn extra points when your chain reaction destroys more than nine gifts at a time! Try to keep the destruction going for as long as you can by choosing the right time to start it... and crossing your fingers!Timed mode gives you 30 seconds to tap and destroy as many gifts as you can. If you tap nine presents in one shot you can get a bonus and increase your tap radius so you can get larger and larger bonuses.Christmas Crunch Lite uses the awesome cocos2D for iPhone game engine. The game logic programming, graphics, artwork, and sound effects are created by Danielle Lahmeyer and Eric Salerno. If you have any bug reports, problems, questions, comments, or complaints, please email me at a happy holiday!

【免費遊戲App】Christmas Crunch Lite-APP點子

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