Chubby Bug

【免費教育App】Chubby Bug-APP點子

Chubby Bug: A Lovely Bug Game.

So many lovely bugs will attack your garden. They only want to find some food. Are you willing to play with these cute bugs?

This is an education and kid-friendly game that teaches your children all about grass and the bugs that inhabit that environment. The story begins with the beautiful garden you've grown, containing lots of lovely chubby grass. However, some bugs may make trouble for your gorgeous garden. The battle with the bugs is waiting for you to command.

Drop grass from above on your enemies to fight with these irritating bugs. Don’t underestimate these bugs, as they are certainly not normal. These bugs all have a special and mysterious ability. Use your weapons effectively--Flower Bombs and Special Grass--to eradicate the bugs from your garden.

Product Features:

【免費教育App】Chubby Bug-APP點子

Take care of your gorgeous garden.

Beware the bothersome bugs looking to destroy your garden.

Use your Flower Bombs and Special Grass as weapons against the bugs

Flower Bombs who can freeze or destroy bugs.

Ice bugs who can freeze your garden and all plants.

Fire bugs who can ignite surrounding plants.

【免費教育App】Chubby Bug-APP點子

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