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【免費街機App】Chuckchi Ski-APP點子

In the far, far tundra is not too much fun. But you can ski, snowboard and sled on snow expanse fun almost all year! However, when the summer comes and the snow melts, aborigines get bored. Help our small Chuckhi extend the winter and enjoy skiing! Collecting the pieces of ice in its path, you can postpone the oncoming of the summer. Don't forget to gather magical fish also, because they add points. The further you drive, the more will bring happiness to the Chukchi-skier! Be careful on the turns: do not crash into snowmen, they will slow down the hero. Puddles of ice help you to accelerate Chuckchi again, but with the onset of warm, they turn into mud, and you're bogged down.

【免費街機App】Chuckchi Ski-APP點子

Our game is for everyone, you can play the whole family. Who will get more points? Let's compete!

【免費街機App】Chuckchi Ski-APP點子

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