Cisco Router IP Accounting

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IP Accounting - NetAssistant Tool allows the user to create a Network Devices Inventory of Cisco IOS Routers by location and running the appropriate device interface level commands to collect and monitor basic network hosts by IP traffic stats from the active devices.

The first-time Tool user needs to "Sign Up" first following the installation of the Tool to define a local user and password; then create a Network by clicking on the "Create Network" button to fill-in the Network name and Details fields. Multiple network are supported at the same time to meet and to enhance user preferences in viewing networks.

From the created list of Networks the user can access a defined network to generate a Map where they can apply a long touch on the screen on the location of the Router device to see a Cisco router icon followed by a short click on the device icon to get the popup bubble.

This free package is limited to only 1 Network with a single device only.

The popup bubble for each of the defined Router devices includes a "Settings" icon which links the user to the device's credentials which the user

needs to fill-in as per the actual router configuration.

The information to fill-in are:

1. The Router's IP Address or DNS Name

【免費工具App】Cisco Router IP Accounting-APP點子

2. The Router's UserName (or HTTP Client UserName)

【免費工具App】Cisco Router IP Accounting-APP點子

3. The router Password (or HTTP Client User Password)

The Network router IP Accounting commands profile is accessed by clicking on the device popup bubble in the area of the device name/ip and the icon.

The Tool is designed for Cisco IOS based network routers and switches supporting the IP accounting feature.

The Tool exploits the HTTP Server IOS feature architecture by applying the [ip http server] command. The user needs to define the appropriate username and password from the device and has the opportunity to also create an HTTP client user and associated password for each defined device credentials in the inventory.

The Cisco IOS Router IP Accounting Commands supported on this package are:

IP Output-Packets;

IP Accounting (Layer 3) collects the number of bytes and packets processed by the network element on a source and destination IP address basis. Only transit traffic that enters and leaves the router is measured, and only on an outbound basis. Traffic generated by the router or traffic terminating in the router is not included in the accounting statistics. IP Accounting (Layer 3) collects individual IP address details, so it can be used to identify specific users for usage-based billing.

IP Access Violations;

The IP Accounting ACL identifies IP traffic that fails an IP access control list. Identifying IP source addresses that violate IP access control lists can help track down an offending source.

【免費工具App】Cisco Router IP Accounting-APP點子

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【免費工具App】Cisco Router IP Accounting-APP點子

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