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What is your plan of action to restore your contacts if you lose your smartphone, someone steals it, you drop it into a swimming pool, change workplaces, schools, or geographic locations and delete your old contacts?

Citadel Contacts Archiver enables you to create backups of your essential smartphone contact information for long-term safekeeping. Backing up your important smartphone contacts data is essential for your business and personal productivity.

Every couple of months use Citadel Contacts Archiver to back up these essential details: 1) contact names, 2) phone numbers, and 3) email addresses.

To create an archive:

1) Open Citadel Contacts Archiver.

【免費工具App】Citadel Contacts Archiver-APP點子

2) Enter your email address.

【免費工具App】Citadel Contacts Archiver-APP點子

3) Tap Send. An email client selection screen appears.

【免費工具App】Citadel Contacts Archiver-APP點子

4) Tap your favorite email client. Citadel Contacts Archiver populates your email composition window with To, Subject, and your contact details.

【免費工具App】Citadel Contacts Archiver-APP點子

5) In your email client send, edit, or cancel the archive.

Citadel Contacts Archiver works with any email client on your smartphone such as Gmail or Yahoo.

Other backup methods synchronize with your current smartphone contacts which means if you delete a contact from your phone because you think it is obsolete, it is gone, and not backed up.

If you run Citadel Contacts Archiver occasionally and save your backup archives in your inbox there's no need to worry about that.

Citadel Contacts Archiver is a free productivity app that has no ads or in-app purchases.

Created by Demosveritas Apps, Ltd.

Update 4/27/14:

Known Issue: The Citadel Archiver app is compiled and tested for Android API levels 15 to 19 using 105 contacts. Loading time takes approximately 3 seconds.

If you have a much larger number of contacts, for instance 200 or more, after about 10 seconds the app will time out.

【免費工具App】Citadel Contacts Archiver-APP點子

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