City At Night

【免費冒險App】City At Night-APP點子

Here we go with our new runner game which is names as "City At Night". Get the power by collecting all the diamonds on the way of your city. Boy is looking to get as much treasure as he can, so help him to achieved the success. Confused? Don’t be. You just have to download this very funny "City At Night" for free game on your android and start playing to see the adventures of this cute little boy. Once you have downloaded the game you have to click Play Now button. As soon as you play, you will get the instructions about “how to play”. You have to tap the screen to make your Boy jump. Flames toss you up. Spider webs make you slow. And you get bonus points for every catch of the haunch. If you lost your current game then you can start all over again by clicking “Play again” button. This game is ideally played for kids as you do not have to do much in the game and there are only few challenges. But this game shall surely keep you busy and entertained throughout.

Special features

【免費冒險App】City At Night-APP點子

• A refreshing look

• Free to download

【免費冒險App】City At Night-APP點子

• Creative and attractive graphics

• Easy and fun to play

【免費冒險App】City At Night-APP點子

• Can be played by people of all ages

• Instructions and guidelines available to play the game

【免費冒險App】City At Night-APP點子

• Will keep you glued to your phone

So guys and gals, don’t wait, download this game immediately and start experiencing fun and entertainment at your fingertips.

【免費冒險App】City At Night-APP點子

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