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Thanks to CityBikes, you can now easily plan your bike trips in over 30 cities around the world.

Display in a clear and simple manner the available bikes and bikestations around your position.

Launch guidance to the bikestations of your choice.

Create a list of favorites to quickly get all your information.

Data is provided by the CycloCity services.

This data is available under an Open Data Licence.

Here are the current cities :

【免費旅遊App】City Bikes-APP點子

Vilnius - CycloCity

Brisbane - CityCycle

Vienne - Citybike

Bruxelles - Villo!

Namur - Li bia velo

Cordoue - Eco-bici

Gijón - Gijón-Bici

Séville - SEVICI

Santander - TUSBic

Valence - Valenbisi

Lyon - vélo'v

Paris - Vélib'

【免費旅遊App】City Bikes-APP點子

Besançon - VéloCité

Marseille - le vélo

Toulouse - VélôToulouse

Mulhouse - VéloCité

Rouen - Cy'clic

Amiens - Vélam

Nantes - bicloo

Nancy - vélOstan'lib

Cergy-Pontoise - VélO2

Créteil - Cristolib

Dublin - dublinbikes

Toyama - CyclOcity

【免費旅遊App】City Bikes-APP點子

Luxembourg - Vel'oh

Slovenia - Ljubljana

Sweden - Göteborg Styr & ställ

【免費旅遊App】City Bikes-APP點子

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