Civil Engineering Dict. (J-E)

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Please note: This app only contains translation equivalents for each term and does not provide a technical description of each term.

Do you know how to say "gap-filling adhesive" in Japanese? With this application you can immediately find the equivalent of 空隙充填性接着剤.

At home, at work and on the go, translators, students and professionals of civil engineering will often encounter technical terms related to building materials, soil, paints, and the like for which they need to quickly look up their Japanese or English translations.

The Dictionary of Civil Engineering, compiled by The CJK Dictionary Institute (CJKI) in Japan, is the only application on any mobile platform that provides comprehensive coverage of civil engineering terminology. This application, which provides a user interface in both Japanese and English, includes both English-Japanese and Japanese-English dictionaries that provide access to a total of approximately 65,000 technical terms.

While several Japanese-English general vocabulary dictionaries are available for the iPhone, there are few specialized dictionaries that meet the specific needs of professionals, translators and information technology students, while those that are available are prohibitively expensive and of limited coverage. With this application, you get a database of technical terms with extensive coverage at your fingertips for a reasonable price.

Please note: This app contains translation equivalents for each term, not explanations of each term's meaning.


* Both dictionaries combined contain over 65,000 entries

* Designed for both English and Japanese users

* Covers various subdomains including building materials, soil, paints, and much more

【免費書籍App】Civil Engineering Dict. (J-E)-APP點子

* All this data is instantly accessible right on your device - no Internet connection required

* What was that word you just looked up? Check the history!

* Easy bookmarking puts important terms a tap away

* Clean, easy to use interfaces in both English and Japanese


The CJK Dictionary Institute is directed by Jack Halpern, editor of the New Japanese-English Character Dictionary and The Kodansha Kanji Learner's Dictionary, now standard reference works.

Be sure to check out our other dictionary apps in the CJKI Technical Dictionaries Series by searching for "cjki" in Google play.

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